iMedic Premium Muscle Massage Gun

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  • WHY USE A MASSAGE GUN? The professional grade iMedic massage gun deep tissue massager, allows you to relax and is proven to help muscle fatigue and DOMS. Our massage guns also aid in the breakdown of knots and can increase muscle flexibility.
  • 30 SPEED OPTIONS - Because everyone recovers at their own pace, the iMedic muscle massage gun offers a full range of speeds from 1200rpm-3300rpm. At full pace that is 55 pulses every second! This is unmatched by the majority of competition.
  • 6 HEADS - Our heads have a solid feel to them while still being easy to remove and replace. The heads include: Round, Flat, Bullet, U-Shaped, Wedge and Thumb Head. These different heads will target all the major muscle groups in the body.
  • QUIET and LONG LASTING - The iMedic massage gun for muscle is built to last. The high capacity battery allows for hours of use and charges quickly. At a deathly quiet 45db, you are able to achieve stress relief and relaxation at the same time.
  • MULTI-USE - the iMedic gun is lightweight but solid. The thick ergonomic rubber grip ensures you will not feel any excessive vibrations that can hurt your wrist. The perfect back massager, neck massager, leg massager for men and women.


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  • Model: IMEMASOFF
  • Shipping Weight: 1.2 lbs

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