Clearly Adjustable Full Length Foot Lifts

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The Clearly Adjustable Combination Lift is a new therapeutic option for compensation of leg length discrepancy. By inserting a combination of transparent full-foot and rear-foot layers, the Combination Lift allows
you to minimise the change in ankle angulation, gait and foot pressure.



  • Allows for staged introduction of heel lift.
  • Adjustable up to 19mm.
  • Full-length design minimises ‘foot slant’.
  • Fits under the insole to minimise fitting issues.



Sold Individually.


  • Gradual height reduction eases stretching after healing.
  • Firm support and control for sports and athletic footwear.
  • Where gait is adversely affected by standard heel lifts.
Additional Information
  • Model: OACAF
  • Shipping Weight: 0.6lbs