Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift

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Products Desciption

Placed under the insole, the multi-layered material quickly moulds to foot and shoe, so both shoes fit and feel alike. The lift creates no additional bounce or heel motion in the shoe, unlike foam rubber or gel materials, and will not compress in use.

This firm but conformal behaviour makes the Clearly Adjustable lift ideal for sports uses such as running or golf.

Maximum Foot Comfort

  • Patented design for heel elevation, not a pad or cushion.
  • The only heel lift that shapes to your shoe for your comfort. Placed under the footbed or insole, the heel lift moulds to the shoe, so both shoes fit and feel alike.
  • Long constant slope supports the arch and avoids bridging the heel and ball of the foot, reducing arch stress.
  • Firm multi-layered material does not cause heel rubbing in the shoe.
  • Durable - the clear vinyl material conforms but does not compress, and retains its height even with extended use.
  • Transparent material is ideal for sandals.

Softer heel pads made of foam rubber or gels take more room in the shoe, create pressure on the arch, and cause heel rubbing, calluses, and wear on shoes and socks.

Adjustable Heel Lift Height

  • Peeling or replacing a layer changes elevation by 1 mm.
  • Change shoe lift height up or down at any time, from 1 to 12mm.
  • Allows staged introduction of heel lift height for gradual accommodation.
  • Fine control of elevation for best foot comfort.
  • Three sizes fit all shoes (sizing information).

For Leg Length Discrepancy

  • Fits under the insole for least intrusive short leg compensation.
  • Precise adjustment to balance elevation and foot comfort.
Additional Information
  • Model: OACAH
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