ClearZal BAC with Aloe

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Kills 99.9% of the fungus, bacteria and viruses which may cause nail infections. Effective in keeping nails in a healthy, pristine condition.

ClearZal®BAC Antimicrobial nail solution is a cost-effective topical solution to kill the germs which may cause nail infections, yet is caring and gentle, formulated with the conditioning properties of Aloe.

The active ingredient is Benzalkonium Chloride and has been subjected to trials and is proven to be effective. This strong formulation contains no harsh acids, oils or alcohol.

More effective than using an antifungal agent alone, ClearZal®BAC antimicrobial solution will also kill bacteria.

ClearZal®BAC is supplied with a dedicated nail file to help debride. Debriding the nail is extremely important to remove unwanted tissue. This file should be disinfected with an application of ClearZal®BAC to the leading edge after use.

Anybody who has Diabetes or other circulatory problems should consult their physician before using ClearZal®BAC or any other Footcare product.

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