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Actimove® TaloCast ankle stirrup brace prevents inversion and eversion of the foot, providing increased protection for injured ligaments and the joint capsule.  Plantar and dorsi-flexion are not restricted, allowing the patient to have as normal a gait pattern as possible.  Indications as follows :  Severe and moderate acute lateral and medial ankle sprains / Post-operative ankle injuries / Malleolar fractures in the rehabilitative phase 

Product benefits and design features: Strong lightweight plastic shells which gives effective stable support ensuring patient compliance.  Medial and lateral anatomically shaped shells and large malleolar indent - reduces risk of pressure points giving improved patient comfort.  Foam interior padding - Soft with good breathability compared to plastic and gel pockets.  Washable for good hygiene. These make the splint more comfortable for the patient, reducing non-compliance.  Exterior Heel width adjustment allows easy adjustment to give a perfect patient fit.  VelcroTM straps with D-ring ensures the splint fits snugly and gives effective support.

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