SpiderTech Lymphatic pre-cut tape

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Products Desciption
The Lymphatic Pre-Cut kinesiology tape has been specially designed to reduce swelling, bruising and pain. Its unique "multi-fingered" design allows it to be positioned directly over the lymphatic channels responsible for removing excess fluids from the body. The tape exerts a lifting action on the skin, allowing fluid to drain more effectively. As the swelling recedes, this reduces irritation to pain receptors under the skin, leading to relief of pain and throbbing in severely swollen areas.

The Lymphatic Pre-Cut is among the most versatile of all the precut kinesiology tape applications, because it can be used on any large area of the body including the thigh, abdomen, shoulder, chest or back. It can be used for either acute or chronic injuries, inflammatory conditions (including lymphedema), and is also an excellent therapeutic tool to control swelling following surgery.

Wearing the Lymphatic Spider Precut can help with the following conditions:  Muscle strains, Acute injuries, Chronic joint swelling, Edema, Lymphatic congestion, Bruising and Postoperative recovery.

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