The Bunion Exerciser

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The Bunion Exerciser - Designed by Podiatrists for helping to maintain correct alignment of the Hallux Valgus

Foot Health specialists advise patients to do foot exercises to strengthen the small muscles in the feet.  This is because we wear shoes most of the time and our foot muscles do not develop to be as strong as nature intended. 

Corrective exercises can only help to strengthen these small muscles and assist in preventing deformity developing, together with wearing a good fitting walking shoe/trainer most of the time.  Orthotics or shoe supports can also be important in the prevention of pronation or a rolling movement of the foot when weight bearing.  This excessive movement can encourage the big toe to deviate from it's correct position, especially when it is only supported by weak muscles and ligaments.

By using this device for just a few minutes each day, this exercise may help prevent a bunion developing.

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