PodiaClave with Printer

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Products Desciption

The PodiaClave is a portable 9 litre capacity autoclave supplied complete with printer. Light and compact, it features a simple one step operation to start the automatic cycle.

The interlock-system prevents the lid from being removed whilst pressure remains in the vessel. Features a two-stage 'overpressure' protection system incorporating a calibrated Pressure Release Valve and a Gasket Blowout Slot.

Optional temperature and pressure gauges show internal chamber conditions during the cycle. Thermal fuse and double pole fuses (where applicable) protect against overheating and electrical faults. Lifetime heating element guarantee.

Specifically designed for unwrapped solid instruments and non porous loads.

9 litre capacity, 134 degree sterilising temperature. Minimum sterilising time: 11 minutes. Average cycle time: 20 minutes.

Technical Data
Current: 230V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
Cycle Time: 134°C/min 20mins
Weight: 5.6kg
Dimensions: H: 3.35cm x W: 34cm
Chamber - Ø: 21cm x 23cm
Chamber volume: 9L
Max load: 3kg

Additional Information
  • Model: 2100
  • Shipping Weight: 1.5lbs