Euronda E7 Autoclave Type S 18 Litre

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Products Desciption
The Euronda E7 autoclave incorporates a PED certified steel chamber, a double head vacuum pump and a sophisticated microprocessor.

The microprocessor constantly monitors the precise temperature, pressure and vacuum levels, which are displayed through the unit’s LCD display.

Two separate water tanks prevent contamination between clean water and used water.

An integrated thermal printer makes recording quick and simple.

Equipment characteristics:

- Double head vacuum pump and high efficiency
- Five pre-programmed sterilisation programs
- Test program - vacuum test
- Anti-Reflow separated tanks
- Automatic filling of clean water into the tanks
- Stand-by set at 100°C
- Certified bacteriogical filter

Technical Data:

Current: 230V AC, 50 - 60 Hz
Sterilisation Temperature: 121 -134°C
Weight: 37.5kg
Autoclave Dimensions: H: 38.5cm x W: 55cm
Chamber - Ø: 25cm x 73cm, 25cm x 47cm
Chamber volume: 18L
Tray Dimensions: H: 2cm x W: 12cm x D: 25cm

Additional Information
  • Model: EA18L
  • Shipping Weight: 38lbs