Soft Cell 15 Laser

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Products Desciption

Tried and tested technology for the problem-free treatment and acceleration of the healing process for lesions and bacterial or viral conditions.

The bundled beam or red light, which works with deep penetration, works like photosynthesis in nature, stimulating the growth of healthy cells, so the diseased skin is able to regenerate itself faster and last longer. This also improves the complexion in case of scar tissue and wrinkles.

Low energy

Battery-powered low-energy laser pen with the biologically effective wavelength of 650nm (red light area). Due to the stimulating, vitalising and regenerative properties of the red light, the Soft Cell 15 Laser can be used for a great variety of pathological anomalies of the foot.

In the pack­:

- Soft Cell 15 Laser pen
- 1Set of batteries (AAA)
- 1 Pair of protective spectacles

Technical Data:
Current: 3V
Output: 15mW
Wavelength: 15nm red light Laser
Safety Class: 3B
Weight: 70g
Dimensions: L: 15cm
Additional Information
  • Model: SCLAS15
  • Shipping Weight: 1.6lbs