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Interpod Modular


The Modular’s level of support can be adjusted to low, moderate and high, simply by choosing the most appropriate insert that pushes into the base orthotic - allowing for immediate and easy prescription. The insert runs the entire length of the orthotic from the rearfoot to the forefoot, providing an even arch profile while maximising patient comfort and support.

- Choice of 3 heights of base inserts (low/moderate/high)
- Rear Foot Wedge
- Cuboid Notch
- Plantar Fascial Groove
- First Ray Cut Out orthotic level
- First Ray Declination (style footwear)


- Immediate ease in selecting support (low/moderate/high)
- Easy to grind
- Easy to attach additions with contact glue
- Accommodates a range of footwear
- Patient is able to adjust (low/ moderate/high) to preferred shoe tight/spacious

RRP £49.99

AVAILABLE TO HEALTHCARE PROFESSIONALS ONLY.  Proof of your HPC registration number will be required before goods can be despatched.  Interpod is a Prescription Orthotic only

Additional Information
  • Model: OAIMOD
  • Shipping Weight: 0.6lbs