Heelift® Suspension Boot

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The Heelift® Suspension Boot can play an integral role in heel pressure ulcer prevention regimens for susceptible, high-risk patients as well as for patients already suffering from heel pressure ulcers. Risk factors for the development of heel pressure ulcers include:

  • Age
  • Decreased sensation in the lower extremities from spinal cord injuries or neurological diagnoses
  • Moisture from perspiration or incontinence
  • Poor nutrition
  • Circulatory complications
  • Friction or shearing caused by dragging or sliding a patient across bed sheets, which can allow unprotected heels to rub on the bed surface.

The Heelift Suspension Boot offers carers a more efficient and reliable way to prevent heel pressure ulcers than using pillows. One significant issue is that pillows do not prevent heel cord contracture but tend to aggravate it because there is no forefoot support.

smooth model - also available in bariatric size



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  • Model: HLBSMOOTH